Artfully Balanced's mission is to provide personalized, high-quality care on an as-needed or preventative basis for both people and their equine friends.  Jenna Tibbetts has created a myofascial practice that provides a safe space for her clients to work towards their goals.

Jenna (Hast) Tibbetts began her journey as a massage therapist in 2011.  A good friend had been whispering about the miracles of John Barnes Myofascial Release that she had introduced to her human massage practice -- and that there was a course for horses.  Jenna was intrigued.

At the time, Jenna was working as a vet tech with the long-term career goal of becoming an Equine Vet.  Taking the course made sense -- for her own horse's benefit and to further her own education.  Little did she know at the time just how the Myofascial Release would transform her life.

The course demonstrated very quickly that this wasn't just another massage or PT technique, but so much more. Myofascial Release (MFR) is the gateway to the mind and body connection.  MFR not only provides unparalleled structural results, but it also provides a way to heal and move past old wounds. A way to create awareness, break old patterns - feel abundance and happiness and discover one's true essence.  She needed this for herself, for her own horse, and she needed to share this gift with others.  

Vet school fell to the shadows once Jenna realized this hands-on technique was how she wanted to help animals and humans.  Jenna enrolled in a 750 hour Holistic Massage program at SpaTech in Westborough, MA, which included first level Polarity.   She graduated top in her class, quickly received an offer to work at her friend's exploding Self Improvement Center (, and simultaneously, she took her first human Myofascial Release course.  She now has over 450 additional hours of exclusively John Barnes Myofascial Release training -- and still continues her education on a regular basis.

Jenna loves her job. She recently opened her own practice in Pembroke, MA -- 7 minutes off Route 3, exit 12 and it's been thriving. She travels throughout New England and will travel to other parts of the country treating a multitude of horses.  She has a soft spot for Dressage athletes, being an enthusiast herself.  Jenna regularly receives bodywork, does self-treatment, attends study-groups, and is constantly continuing her education demonstrating her true dedication to this way of life.

Education & Experience:

  • Bachelors Degree from UMass Amherst with a Double Major in Biology and Holistic Health & Herbalism
  • Various Professional Studies at Northeastern University and Harvard Extension Program
  • Vet Tech at Mass Vet Referral Hospital in the ER/ICU department
  • Equine Myofascial Release 1 with Cathy Covell, Motion for Life
  • 750 Hour Holistic Massage Certification from SpaTech in Westborough, MA, now a registered LMT
  • Michael Young's Muscle Release Technique (Repetitive Use Injury Therapy, RUIT)
  • John F. Barnes Myofascial Release 1 (x2)
  • Previously employed at Skin to Soul Self Improvement Center
  • Equine MFR 1 with Tamara Thomas (x3), including hosting the seminar in October 2016
  • Myofascial  Release 1 (x2)
  • Myofascial Unwinding (x2)
  • Myofascial Release 2
  • Myofascial - Fascial-Pelvis (x2)
  • Myofascial - Cervical-Thoracic
  • Myofascial - Fascial Cranium
  • Myofascial - Rebounding
  • Myofascial - Advanced Unwinding
  • Myofascial - Quantum Leap
  • Myofascial - Pediatrics
  • 40 hour Skill Enhancement Seminar 
  • Therapy for the Therapist Seminar
  • Myofascial Release 3 - Expert Level course
  • Monthly Myofascial Study Groups
  • Regularly receives Myofascial treatment to deepen her awareness and keep body functioning at optimal level
  • 25+ years of Equine Husbandry, Riding (Hunter, Jumper, and more recently, Dressage), and competition
  • Upcoming course work: Repeating Cervical Thoracic and Fascial Cranium on Cape Cod in Sept 2019, Equine course approaching as well.

"Why repeat courses?"  

Although the principles of John Barnes myofascial work are simple, there are many complexities, layers, and nuances to the work, which is also what separates therapists from others. Each course takes the therapist deeper in their own journey, as well as their practice, and their understanding of the techniques.  Although many listed courses and repeats can portray someone as experienced, it is equally important to acknowledge that some therapists, who may have taken less coursework, are equally "seasoned," and have a better "feel" for the work.

Choosing an MFR practitioner is a personal choice -- everyone practices differently based off their own educational background, personality, and life experiences.  It's important to that clients feel safe and "click" with who they're seeing.  This work is too important to not receive it -- If you should ever need another referral for yourself or a loved one that isn't local, please ask Jenna. 

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About Jenna

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